Deed Your Timeshare Back To The Resort

Timeshare deedback, also known as timeshare deed-back or timeshare cancellation, refers to the process by which a timeshare owner relinquishes ownership of their timeshare property back to the resort or developer. This is typically done when the owner no longer wants or can afford the timeshare and wishes to terminate their financial and contractual obligations associated with it.

The exact process and terms of timeshare deedback can vary depending on the specific resort or developer and the terms outlined in the timeshare contract. In some cases, the resort may buy back the timeshare at a reduced price, or the owner may need to cover certain fees or expenses. It's essential for timeshare owners to carefully review their contract and work directly with the resort or a reputable timeshare exit company if they want to pursue a timeshare deedback. It's worth noting that exiting a timeshare contract can sometimes be challenging and may involve legal considerations, so seeking professional advice is often recommended.

To approach a resort about a timeshare deed back, follow these steps:

1. Review Your Contract: Carefully read your timeshare contract to understand the terms and conditions related to deed back or exit options. Look for any clauses or provisions that discuss this process.

2. Contact the Resort: Reach out to the resort's customer service or management department. You can usually find their contact information on the resort's website or in your timeshare documents.

3. Inquire About Deed Back Options: Politely express your interest in deed back or exit options and ask if the resort has any programs or policies in place for this. Be prepared to explain your reasons for wanting to exit the timeshare.

4. Request Written Information: Ask the resort to provide you with written information or documentation about their deed back process, including any associated costs or requirements.

5. Consult an Attorney: If you encounter difficulties or if the resort's terms are unfavorable, consider consulting an attorney who specializes in timeshare law to review your contract and advise you on the best course of action.

6. Explore Third-Party Exit Companies: There are third-party exit companies that specialize in helping timeshare owners exit their contracts. Be cautious and do thorough research before engaging with any such company, as some may charge high fees or engage in unethical practices.

7. Consider Resale: Another option is to try to sell your timeshare on the secondary market. Keep in mind that timeshares can be challenging to sell, and you may not recoup your initial investment.

8. Be Patient and Persistent: Dealing with timeshare exit can be a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. Be patient and persistent in your communication with the resort and any third parties involved.

Remember that the specific process for deed back can vary depending on the resort and the terms of your contract. It's essential to approach this situation with transparency and a clear understanding of your contractual obligations.


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